Android Version lookup

Hi, is there a way to see what version of Android the device is using?
I want to offer 2 different types of menu structures, one for v12 and one for v11 and under.
The left side swipe menu I am using doesn't work on less then 12 so need to give them another option, or is there another way of doing this?


The screen category

has the following blocks

You would be surprised what you can find with some searching through the blocks :wink:


I have never seen those before and tend not to touch stuff I know little about lol, thanks will use it.

Can I use the "if PlatformVersion < 12 then" statement

That's the fun of learning.

Why don't you try and tell us if it works so other users can learn.

Maybe solve this problem instead of making it difficult for yourself with 2 menu's. How are you making the sidemenu? Do you use an extension, and which one would that be?

I'm using someone elses aix and have no idea how to fix it

If you want help you have to tell what extension this is else we have to keep asking questions and that is a waste of everyone's time.

ullisroboterseite android-AI2-SideBar is the side menu

on screen.initialize I run that block, then they click the menu it loads the menu option selected, works fine on v12 but not my table which is v7.1.1

Could you post an aia file that shows the behavior for others to test. I have Android 13 here so it shouldn't work according to you. What version of the extension are you using?

AI2 extension SideBar component.
Extension Version: 1.2.1
Date Built: 2022-09-01

I have already started on another menu option. Thanks for the response.
My pc is old and slow so can't get the emulator working, so have to build and download the apk to test. To much effort lol.

Thanks again

I tested with the sample file on this website AI2 SideBar Extension

And it is working for me on Android 13.

Why not use the companion app to test? That is what I just did.

the companion doesn't want to work for me. its has fatal error and stops

Is that what is says? What android version are you running on your phone?

  • Post a screenshot of the error message from your Android 7 test device and
  • post the aia (or better a small test aia).

Did you try adjusting the swipe bar width for your tablet ?

sorry we had power cuts, could only get back to it now

this time after scanning the qr code nothing happened on the phone and on the pc it just said it disconnected.

doesn't give an error, just doesn't show the sidebar, nothing happens

I'll try that and see if it does anything, thanks