Android Oreo 8.1


Does this program work with phones that have OS Android Oreo 8.1?

Thank you!

Welcome Amanda.

It should work. Why don't you try

Ok, thank you! I have to order 160 phones for a public school program and have to get a different phone this year that has Android Oreo 8.1. We just want to make sure they are compatible.

It should. Why don't you try

Get one phone to try before you buy to test and to make sure you will be happy. :slight_smile:

I have an Android 8.1 Tablet and it works fine. Are you sure you want a phone and not a Tablet?

Any reason (I am guessing financial) why Android 8.1 devices are being targeted ? Would make sense to go for the latest Android version you can afford, especially if you can get Android 11 (given all the changes Google are making...)

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