Is this still a valid solution ?

Is there a better solution 9 months later or has MIT latest version fixed this for us ?

I need to create a new apk and found this error yesterday.

Help !!

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What extensions are you using in your project?

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You are using an outdated extension... always use their latest versions...


From MIT App Inventor Project screen:

SMBManager (by Jörg Hüneburg)

TaifunBattery (by Taifun)

DownloadToASD (by BodyMindPower)

TaifunBluetooth (by Taifun)

TaifunFTP (by Taifun)

UrsAI2SideBar (by

TaifunWiFi (by Taifun)

TaifunNotificationListener (by Taifun)

BrowserPromptHelper (by Sunny Gupta GitHub - vknow360/CustomWebView: An extended form of WebViewer with more customization and flexibility (For MIT AI2 and its distros))

CustomWebView (by Sunny Gupta GitHub - vknow360/CustomWebView: An extended form of WebViewer with more customization and flexibility (For MIT AI2 and its distros))

DownloadHelper (by Sunny Gupta GitHub - vknow360/CustomWebView: An extended form of WebViewer with more customization and flexibility (For MIT AI2 and its distros))

TaifunFile (by Taifun)

@Taifun @vknow360 @Anke

Update all extensions
Just imort the latest version of each extension again to upgrade them

You might want to start with the notification listener extension


Thank you Taifun.

I must be doing something wrong because still says version from November 2020.

(direct link of the extension removed)

I went back to your page and realized there was a section with all upgrades. Downloaded the latest version and MIT App Portal did show the "upgrade" confirmation.

Will test and let you know.

Thanks !!

First time I see this:

App Inventor is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
________Preparing application icon
________Creating animation xml
________Creating style xml
________Creating provider_path xml
________Creating network_security_config xml
________Generating adaptive icon file
________Generating round adaptive icon file
________Generating adaptive icon background file
________Generating manifest file
________Attaching native libraries
________Attaching Android Archive (AAR) libraries
________Attaching component assets
________Invoking AAPT
AAPT time: 0.942 seconds
________Compiling source files
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/vc2.yail to appinventor.ai_biesys.HNC.vc2)
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/Admin.yail to appinventor.ai_biesys.HNC.Admin)
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/Registration.yail to appinventor.ai_biesys.HNC.Registration)
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/sip.yail to appinventor.ai_biesys.HNC.sip)
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/popup.yail to appinventor.ai_biesys.HNC.popup)
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/MultiTenant.yail to appinventor.ai_biesys.HNC.MultiTenant)
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/Screen1.yail to appinventor.ai_biesys.HNC.Screen1)
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/Survey.yail to appinventor.ai_biesys.HNC.Survey)
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/vc.yail to
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/Device.yail to appinventor.ai_biesys.HNC.Device)
(compiling appinventor/ai_biesys/HNC/meds.yail to appinventor.ai_biesys.HNC.meds)
(compiling /tmp/runtime8484315821571599744.scm to
Kawa compile time: 4.276 seconds
________Invoking DX
DX time: 25.905000 seconds
YAIL compiler - DX execution failed.

did you update all extensions?

concerning DX execution failed see for example here


Hello I am back on this project. I work several projects simultaneously in different OS so I circle back after a while. Sorry for that, as it looks like i dropped the subject.

Upgrading more extensions now.

Taifun, in your case (I use 6 of your extensions), if your page does not mentions a new version I assume it is because there is no need, am I correct ?

These are the ones I use:

  1. Push Notification Listener by Taifun. Done 8/8/23 6:22 PM
  2. TaifunBluetooth - dont see upgrade.
  3. UrsAI2SideBar by Ulli - AI2 SideBar Extension
  4. TaifunBattery - Failed.
  5. TaifunWiFi
  6. TaifunFile - Failed.
  7. SMBManager by Jörg Hüneburg - I see no upgrade
  8. DownloadToASD by BodyMindPower
  9. TaifunFTP
  10. BrowserPromptHelper by Sunny Gupta
  11. Custom WebView by Sunny Gupta. Done 8/15/23 12:20 PM
  12. DownloadHelper by Sunny Gupta

What happens if the developer is no longer available and there is no upgrade ? I assume extension must be removed from the project.

Thanks Taifun for always being there for all of us !!

Carlos Bieberach

This will depend on what the extension does. You will need to test the extensions that you are concerned about.





This can cause issue if you are not using latest version.

Upgraded yesterday:

Helper class of CustomWebView extension to add app to browsers list
Developed by Sunny Gupta
Extension Version: 1.1
Date Built: 2023-03-09 edu says:

Import Extension failed! An extension containing com.puravidaapps.TaifunBattery already exists on the sever but could not be upgraded. The new extension was not loaded.

Same for TaifunFile.

I just checked the code and it still doesn't declare exported value.
I have updated code.
com.sunny.CustomWebView.aix (202.3 KB)

  1. For the battery extension

From the documentation App Inventor Extensions: Battery Manager | Pura Vida Apps

Note: this release is not compatible with the previous version. Only use the extension for new projects.

Therefore remove the old battery extension, you will loose all blocks of the extension, import the new version and add the blocks again

  1. For the file extension

Try to import the file extension manually


Thank you. Will resume today.