Android Controlled Arduino Robot


i was wondering if their was a MIT app that allowed me to use the sensors of the android phone to control the robot. Essentially i want to input a destination and make the robot go to that location. Using only the sensors of the android phone. Then there would also be a serial connection via bluetooth or usb that could allow the phone to send commands to the arduino to control the motors.

if anything like this exists, please let me know


I am not aware of any single tutorial to do this.

Here are some possible resources app inventor robot - Google Search for the arduino-device-robot.

To get from one place to another depends on the distances etc. and whether this must be automatic or it can involve some manual manipulation. Here is a tool to define a route HOW TO: Use the Navigate control . How to get the robot to respond to the inflection points in the route directions is possible but complex. Perhaps something like this discussion How do I achieve turn by turn navigation on AI? - #8 by ewpatton

A complete and very complex tutorial Ullis Roboter Seite/Rasenmäher might be of interest

Thanks, I will be looking into this.