Android connect with code is missing

hi, just joined and installed mit inventor on my android. but andoid is asking for 6 char code. never received any 6 char codes, what do I do?

You installed Companion which is used to test your project. Go to, create a project and then click on connect , select Companion and you will get the code

tap connect and then click al companion to get the code


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thanks Dora, did that. now android is trying to connect. it's stuck at 20 seconds. where do I enter my wifi pw? wish some notes were in the instructions.

could you send an image of the error?

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See how it works (animation was created mirroring my phone with Mobizen)

thanks again. nothing to do but click dismiss. so then clicked build apk, then a little window popped up, scanned the QR, etc., and now have my app running on my android--very nice!

again wish all the instructions were on the appinventor webpages. there are about 10 steps, 7 are nicely described, but at least 3 key steps are not even mentioned. obvious to all you experts, but not to a new user. I'm a top top software programmer, it's just that appinventor is new to me. I think I have the steps needed.

separate question, should I build apk or aab?

Aab is needed only if you plan to upload your app in Google Play Store.

ok, yes, I want google play store.

Then have a look at

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