Android Bluetooth No list from ListPicker1

I have followed several youtube videos on how to connect the Phone to the
Bluetooth device. All of them use "When List picker1 .Before Picking do Set Listpicker1 >Elements to BluetoothClient1.AddressesAndnames. " I know there is a bunch more to the code but that's where
the phone does not display any of the available devices. I get only a black screen with the name of the app at the top. I have made an app before a year ago that was able to access the list of Bluetooth devices just fine. Now all the apps I make do not list any of the paired bluetooth devices.
Unfortunatly The app that I made on MIT inventor are no longer available.....Got deleted from the server for some reason so I can not see if I did something different. Any help on why the list picker is not displaying any list???

I have deleted all the MIT Inventor apps off the phone and reinstalled them with no luck.
The bluetooth device has been Paired to the phone.
I have Restarted the phone.
I have followed several very simple video on turning on an led with the blue tooth and still
never get the List picker to shoe a list.

Any help please Ron

Thanks Ron

From android 12 you need to request permissions:

blocks - 2023-04-30T025017.118

Unfortunately, it still did not give me any choices of Bluetooth connection

You mixed the blocks...


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Now I feel so dumb ...... Thank you I donot know how I got that backwards
It works now.

Thank you!

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