Android 6 and TaifunTextbox extension


one of my apps doesn't run properly in android 6. Specifically, the event TaifunTextbox.EnterPressed doesn't do anything. But in the companion it works. Only in apk it doesn't. Does anyone know something about that? Should I even be trying to make it work in android 6?

Thank you

Did you use this block
and observe the information provided ?

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Yes I did, but I had this in the .GotFocus event. Worked with Android 9+
The extension documentation has it there, that's why I had it there. @Taifun

Now I tried it in the Screen1.Initialize and it works! Android 6/7/8. Perhaps even older.

Screenshot 2021-09-04 at 19-37-34 MIT App Inventor

Note that I didn't test it with SetIcon in GotFocus, only in Initialize. Perhaps that was the problem. Anyway. Everything's fine now. Thanks

Edit: it is indeed the event. In Initialize it works, even without setting icon. xD

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