Android 13 + bluetooth + missing permission for connection? -> Error 507


I've read a few tutorials (Runtime error when using (Lỗi runtime khi sử dụng) BluetoothClient - #3 by hieu123) about bluetooth and appinventor but havent got any success.

My goal: Connect to a bluetooth device (its connected to an arduino uno). Phone: Android 13
With the App Serial Bluetooth Terminal everything works fine!

I got a permission screen and than i can search for all paired bluetooth devices. My desired bluetooth device is found - but when i click on it - I got an "error 507 unable to connect. is the device turned on?"

My Persmission Flow

Thanks for your help

What device do you want to connect to? The bluetooth classic component only connects to spp profile modules. You can't use it for BLE either.

The list shows paired devices, even those that are turned off and not available at the moment. Perhaps your bt module is currently connected to another device.

Also show the blocks you use to connect to the module. And what brand of phone are you using?


What is the device? Make, Model, Bluetooth Version?

How is the Arduino UNO powered?

What is the Make, Model, Bluetooth Version

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Thanks for the info - it`s a BLE device :frowning:

So you must use the BLE extension.

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