Android 13, Bluetooth BLE Error 908

Hello all,

I have been reading through some past occurrences regarding Error 908 and BLE Bluetooth connection and unfortunately have not made any progress over the past two days.

I am using a Samsung S22 with Android 13.

In my case I am receiving the infamous "Error 908: The permission BLUETOOTH_CONNECT has been denied. Please enable it in the Settings app."

This only happens with the final compiled app installed on my phone.

Using MIT AI2 Companion I can use the BLE as desired no issues.

What I have done

  • Disable Google Play Store protect
  • Manually enabled location permissions with precise location enabled on the stand alone app.
  • Enabled notification settings on the stand alone app.

I have attached my code blocks for troubleshooting.

You will need to update to the latest BLE extension, specifically 20230728, so that when you compile apps with the extension they pick up the appropriate permissions introduced with Android 12.

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Thanks for the feedback, I have updated my extension which fixed the BLUETOOTH_CONNECT problem but I appear to be hitting a new roadbloack with the same error code.

Now I am being told that "BLUETOOTH_SCAN" and "ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" are denied.

Every permission that I can allow in the App Permissions window of my phone is allowed.

Any ideas?


Try this one (and post screenshots):

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Please see below for screenshots.

It should look like this:

Android 13 (Companion)

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I moved to an area to far less BLE devices, so I can see the bottom.

Are we sure my code blocks are correct?


I have tried a new project and the issue does not seem to go away.

My earlier observation about no longer seeing BLUETOOTH_CONNECT error was incorrect.

All issues from the original post still stand.

I have attached the the aia of the project which is basically the same as above.

bluetoothTestAug.aia (196.0 KB)

I have tried the program on two other Android S22 platform phones and the results are the same.

I stand corrected again, with the extension update I can BLUETOOTH_CONNECT successfully but now get the BLUETOOTH_SCAN permission denial.

I now get the BLUETOOTH_SCAN error when I attempt to connect manually.

I have tried creating a new app and editing old ones, always getting stopped at SCAN.

Below I had a label change based on what permissions were granted or denied.