Android 12 Material UI Version 3

As we know that AI2 still uses some legacy UI (And its distros too use) .Is there any way that we can intergrate material ui 3 without doing it manually

See this for differences :
Here's a look at the new Material Design 3 UI components - 9to5Google

Enderman(Aka Shreyansh)


Isn't the compiled APK using material 3 UI ?

Do AI2 even use Material UI 2 ? :thinking:

You are right too Ai2's UI standad is too old @oseamiya . They are not upgrading it also

Wait, Isn't the compiled APK using material 3 UI ?

No It isnt . The Appinventor dosent itself uses material UI

It uses some legacy UI We should ask @ewpatton

Would we create an issue about this in their repository?

No It is not bug . We can ask them fro material UI Feature

I meant feature request issue. Dont you understand?

Ok I will support it . I thought That we can ask more about this to @ewpatton

@ewpatton may technically reply here and in the issue as well

I am creating it now

P.S created the issue Material UI 3 intergration · Issue #2663 · mit-cml/appinventor-sources (

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Actually App Inventor is not using material UI but it is using device default theme, which is by default material UI for stock android device on API >= 21 but in other device like samsung is using their own UI which is one UI so in Samsung device you will see one UI interface.


I think if you build App on Android 12 and select device default theme then it will be Material UI 3, but I am not sure about it.


Also, App Inventor is mainly an educational tool and should be kept as simple as possible. Does user graphics designing benefit the educational mission? Not really.


Some important points are discussed here, see this thread :


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