Anchor Link / scroll handler

Hello experts!
I should insert a button linked to an anchor to go directly to a specific point on the page.
I downloaded to scrollhandler by Sunny Gupta but I just can't figure out how to use it.
Anyone help me?
Thank you

Show an example of a page.

Is the entire page inside a scrolling arrangement ?

To understand better, I am creating a page that I would like to contain all the necessary data without changing the page.
But it's at least three screens long. For this reason I would like to put three buttons that lead directly to the relevant section of the page
I think posting screenshots would be too many and too little.
If I put the entire project in chat is it wrong?

You can hide and show each "different" virtual screens work...

no, but I can do it if it helps...

I'm a newbie. I really don't know how to do this...

If you have three different sections, parts o whatever, you can put each one in a different VerticalArrangement (VA1, VA2 & VA3).
When you push button_1, VA_1 is visible, and VA2 & VA3 not visible, when push button_2, VA2 visible and VA1 & VA3 not visible....

It is the same effect than if you scroll to the beginning of each section.

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It looks perfect! A beautiful solution. Thank you. I'll try.

Works! A thousand thanks.

An example for you

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