Analyzing the voices

Hi dears,
i want to write an app for analyzing the voices. for example listen animals voices and analyze that and write what animal is that, is a bird? or is a lion? and more.
who can help me for finding an analyzer for using in my app.

I see you have asked the same question on Kodular.
Pick your builder, and ask your questions on the forum for that builder.

are these the same or are they related?
Because it seems that there are different people at these forum.

There are the same and different people on each of the forums. That is not the issue. App Inventor and Kodular are very different in operation and functionality. What may work in one development environment may not work in the other. It is therefore best to "pick your builder" and ask questions for that builder only.

People will also see you have asked on both forums, and therefore may be reluctant to provide an answer for that very reason, which could mean you end up getting no responses at all!


seems you want a Machine Learning Tool. App Inventor has such a thing for images, but I am not aware of a similar thing for sounds.

thanks, I use both and have written apps with both , each has an advantage. That's why I asked question
from both sides, and may find different solution.
thanks again