An editable listview... is it possible?

Hi All,

I have to enter some data in some fields and after pressing a button I need to put in an editable listview like this below (this listview in video was made in other platform):

Is it possible with AI2?

Yes! Please take a search at community

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Thank you. I think ColinTree Custom Listview will do what I need. But I don't see where to download... I searched in Taifun's site but it redirects to a link which does not have a link to download... Do you know where can I get this extension?


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Thank you, @Anke!!!

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You can do it with the native listview and a choose dialog....

Hi @TIMAI2 ,

Thanks for replying... Sorry I didn't understand what you mean... What I need is a listview where I put data (like columns) in a listview.

Here is a simple example

EditableListview.aia (4.6 KB)

Thanks for the example, my friend. To edit an item from a LlistView is clear, but what I am looking for is a way to show all the elements of a listview as columns, I mean, each field side by side, like a HTML grid, as I posted in my first post. Is it possible to do this with ListView component?

You can do it with multiple listviews, but the content all needs to be the same height (one line / two lines) for them to scroll correctly and stay inline.

Here an old example: MIT App Inventor Gallery

and if your listviews grow in length: * Automatically Expand Listview Height in Scrolling Arrangement

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