An AR App made by App Inventor!

I made an AR App with App Inventor!
Screenshot :

This app contains one extension : PosnetExtension.
I made the app to show the picture on camera in live time an then, put a pikatcu charater image on it by the ImageSprite Extension. You can move the pikatcu charater by dragging it. In addition, the camera starts in 5 - 10 secs after the app has been started. You Also have to grant the camera permission.
[Tested by : Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Samsung Galaxy S23]

AIA : augmented2.aia (1.3 MB)

APK : Open the AIA and make it!

If you have any question, comment. Thank you for reading.

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Made a few adjustments

augmented2_revised.aia (1.2 MB)

  • Set posenet enabled to unticked in the designer, then you use the enabled property to start and stop the camera motion.

  • Set the canvas to the correct aspect ratio for the camera (4 high by 3 wide) when in portrait, which improves the image displayed

  • Added some blocks so the imageSprite is positioned (centered) on user touch position when dragged

  • Removed unnecessary components

  • Replaced copyright image

This could also be done using the ProCam extension and a canvas overlay, which would allow you to take a picture too !!

Can't see any "AR" about this app, but a clever use of the posenet extension to use the camera as a background.

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I think it's a very clever App, well done.

There is an issue though - pikachu is a branded product, you can't use that image without the owner's permission. Create your own character image and replace pikachu.

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OK! Thank you for telling

Thank you