An apple a day keeps

Hello Peter,

Thank you! Clear explanation. It worked for me.

I see you’re a power user so can you help me with another question?

I’m trying to build a simple app. My goal is to eat at least 2 apples a day. So I want to create an app to take a picture from the apple i’m going to eat. When I do my best to accoplish this I have two images of an apple in a day. I want to store them in Tinydb. That’s already working for me. I needed the date to store also so I can get to show some history. What is the best option to read from my tinydb and show the images per day and the date I stored. I was looking at the listview component but that’s only for text I believe. Do you have any suggestions?


I moved your question to a new topic since it is a different question.

Your photos will be rather large so putting them in a listview will slow it down i guess. Question. Why do you want to see the apple in your history? Just curious.

There are listview extensions that let you show an image an text. Even App Inventor is working on an image and text listview component.