An app which can take an image with location

I want to make an app that could take an image and save it with the name as

I'm new to file saving, but you could use the Location sensor component, using location.GetLatitude and location.GetLongitude. You could then join those two together (using the Text Join block).

Yes. And, you can use the TinyDB to store the value. Also, set the DefaultFileScope of Screen1 to Legacy.


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Use this AIA file.

Location.aia (2.1 KB)

Hope this AIA file is the solution.

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Works well for me.

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I want the name of the file to be latitude_longitude but the name of the always shows app_inventor_xxxxx.jpg

xxxx over here are random numbers

Name of the what?

name of the image

Use the join block to join texts.

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You can use one of Taifun's extensions (I forgot the name sorry :sweat:) to do that, this should be the name of the file:
Edit: Here's the extension: App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps
All about using extensions in App Inventor: App Inventor Extensions (

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