An app to get the horoscope for the day

I am creating an app to get the horoscope for the day. I am using two screens, in the first screen the user would enter their name, select the date and time in the datepicker and timepicker, and a button called get horoscope, which when clicked would take the user to the second screen where their zodiac sign would show based on their birthday, and in a text box the horoscope of the day would show. I don't know how to show the zodiac sign based on the date picked, which would be shown after you click the button

I would start by doing a Web search for 'astrology API'.

Either that or 'how to get astrological sign from date of birth '

Show us the results

i created an if else if code for all the zodiac sign. however I do not know how to link this to the button and to the date picker so when the user picks the date and clicks the button, the zodiac sign is shown to the second screen

You have chosen a manual way to get the zodiac sign, which sounds a bit cumbersome... unfortunately you forgot to show us some relevant blocks, so this is just a guess. .

For the zodiac sign the manual way might work, but how do you plan to get the horoscope?

Therefore read again what @ABG suggested

To access an API, use the web component

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