An app that includes sending a text from your device

Technovation_NEW.aia (2.1 MB)
This app is for safety.
There is an issue with the buttons for texting and adding contacts.
When you have a person already in there as a contact, you cannot text them.
But when you are in the app and add a new contact, you can text them.
Then when you go to another screen, and then go back to the texting screen, the error occurs once again

If you can provide any advice, let us know!

This should get you started.

I see 7 TinyDBs in Screen1, but they all refer to the same Namespace, TinyDB1.

That means if you use the same tag in one, you will be overwriting the other TinyDBs' value for that tag .

Figure out how to use Namespaces orthogonally to tags.

What video?

The Rubber Stamp is strong in this one.

Time to learn:

  • lists
  • procedures
  • generic(Any) blocks

P.S. Notice the empty socket?

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Learn to close screens instead of reopening Screen1, to avoid filling RAM.

Oh sorry - it wouldn't let me upload it - too big. so I added the aia file

These databases all work correctly. That is not the issue. We tried that but it didn't change anything.

PS yes of course we noticed that. That is not hard to fix

I don't think your comments are as helpful or kind as you think they are.

If you ran the app and know what is wrong, could you help find the error? They are doing this for an app challenge and it's not part of class - they are doing it on their own and never coded before. It's called CS for All - making it accessible to everyone to try to learn CS

Switching Screens loses the selection and text of the Phone Number Pickers.

If you return to the texting screen (Screen1) via closing the other screens, you can add a When Other Screen Closed event to Screen1 where you can reload the Text of the Phone Number Pickers from TinyDB.

You would also have to switch the Button Click events to use the three TinyDB values instead of the lost Phone Number Picker Selections.