American Revolutionary War Game App

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This is a fictional offline strategy game set in the American Revolutionary War.
Players will simulate historical celebrities and build a glorious liberal democratic country!

  • Build territories and increase capital income.
  • Recruit troops to increase national strength.
  • Cultivate Officer, accumulate experience and improve the capabilities of the troops.
  • Seize the opportunity and capture neighboring countries at the right time to create a new democratic country!

This is a nice idea good graphics you can make it better though

Okay, thank you! I'm just an amateur game application creator, I don't know programming languages, but I use MIT Inventor to create applications, and it can realize the games I want to create. MIT Inventor is so amazing.

Ya true, I am also kinda same as you

Fix the bug in Google Play netizen feedback (VersionCode 1.05)
American1.aia (2.9 MB)