Amazon appstore upload problem (no third party monetization allowed)

  • Your app solicits customers for reviews of your app in exchange for user rewards or bonuses. Please update your app to comply with our customer reviews policy and resubmit your app for reconsideration.
    This error is always showing when I uploads my app to Amazon appstore

This is the video of my app , which part has to improve ? I can't understand what it wants

It seems you made an earning app. In a lot of places these are not accepted.

I guess all of it.

Yes I make a earning app. What I do :disappointed_relieved: I haven't money to upload on Google Play Store, so I choose Amazon appstore but if it can't upload then I can't use admob ads

Exactly. Amazon wants you to use their system for in app purchasing. No third party monetization systems.

or possibly

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I already posted a post on this there you say about making a IAI , I make that but still it's the same error

You need to fix this.

What I have to do ? Nothing! I have try my best some people say that it doesn't allow earning app, I remove all earning pages and also implement IAP , but nothing happens

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