Am I giving away the source code if I share my APK?

Hi All,
I created a small project and want to share the apk with a friend. I understand apk files are nothing more than a "compressed" file with a bunch of xml files etc. Does this mean that my friend can open the file and copy those xml etc and use another Android Programming Tool to see and use what I created ?

Thank you for your comments

Some friend :wink:

With the right tools.....

lol Not that I think he will and if he does is no big deal. I was just wondering if in the World of Mobile Apps, anybody, with the right tool, can "extract" the files in any apk and steal the work.

Thanks for your response.

Bear in mind the same applies to ANY software, on ANY platform

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Difatti vi sono degli strumenti che adottano dei sistemi di decompilazione; che riescono così a risalire sul codice sorgente :relieved:

I beg to differ. Reverse engineering of an exe is almost impossible to accomplish to recover half of the readable source code.

If you are referring to "open source", like php etc, then all it takes is hacking into the server.

Grazie. Sembra che qualsiasi sviluppatore "nativo" di Android possa avere accesso a tale strumento e decomprimere qualsiasi apk per riutilizzarne il codice.

(Thank you. Sounds like any Android "native" developer could have access to such tool and decompress any apk to reuse its code.)

Everything that can be compiled can be decompiled :wink:

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it's not that easy task to reverse engineer an apk , and still limited to changes like the visuals , strings , texts , but overall theme and functions that big and very hard task to change in a single apk !

you are not sharing the aia or source file , you only share the build compiled version of it !