Alot of mobile data being used

Hello, I am trying to create a weather app but for some odd reason, when I open the app or use my "Refresh" button, it takes a lot of mobile data. It takes around 10 mb per "refresh" button press or even just opening it. I dont know why this is happening. Is there a way that I can cut down the usage of data being used?

Did you use any extensions/web components to perform APIs? If you did, please post your AIA file or blocks here.

I like to use APIs. Quick, satisfying (1,000,000 calls per month), and accurate.

I don't have the screenshot of the code yet but all I know is that I got the .aia file from a community ran site called kodular. I attempted to use that and it works like it should, but however, it uses like 5-10 mb of data everytime I load something, which makes me wonder if something is going on thats not supposed to happen. I honestly don't know whats going on but it's a little bit concerning.

So you are using Kodular? Then you should ask your questions there.