Allow popups in browser

hey i am making an app where i show a website on the phone so that i dont have to open broser every time i wanna visit there. but the particular website needs pop-ups to be allowed and i dont know how to create a code for it. what should i do?

Welcome @Saumitraa_Awasthi,

First of all, do you mean that the app only displays the website? Or do you mean the user can view the website through a popup?




Or if you mean you want to display the website by a popup, leave your designer blank. Use this extension at the Thunkable community:

Blocks: image

hey @Gordon_Lu , the problem is the website that i'm trying to display has a home screen that prompts for allowing popups and only then the main website can be loaded. i find that system pretty confusing but my school made their website in that manner. is there a way i can prompt user for allowing popups like chrome does?

Could you please post that website URL to us? It should be allowed by default.

sure, its

Please wait because I need to test the app I use to test your website.

Hi @Saumitraa_Awasthi,

Great news! You do not need to do anything to manage the pop-ups because when the app and the website is initialized, the system will show a notifier to ask the user to allow popups. Your problem is solved.

can you share the code of that app because it doesn't ask for popups in mine


You can also do this without code.

I'm using a Huawei P30 Lite, and I have to wait for 10 seconds before it requests to allow popups.