All Rescued Extensions From Inactive Communities

Screenshot 2023-04-05 211444

You could provide a link to the post, we do not know what this relates to....

Just ran a simple test, seems to crash the app when using companion....


may require compiling?

not working after compile neither in companion

It has a pending Intent in it. so will not work with current androids

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How do you make the rounded edges plus the elevation? Can I have a picture of the code pls


Why have you replied to @sergii1 ?

Which extension are you referring to?

have a bug on font size!
please fix it

What has a bug on font size?

if i change font size 14.0 to any size then showing the error: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void$RMTextView.setTextSize(float)' on a null object reference

Which extension please...

ReadMoreLabel Extension

ReadMoreLabel Extension

Ken's FadedEdge extension
com.appybuilder.kennicholsandroid.FadedEdge.aix (5.0 KB)

(sorry for the Kodular screenshot, taken from here)


what about Decode MD5 ?

MD5 is a hashing function, it is not reversible. Meaning that you cannot calculate the plaintext that was hashed only looking at the hash. It's a one-way function.

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ok. thanks.
So how I encrypt/decrypt Arabic text?

I need an extension from Andrés Cortes, it may be for animating, but it is for buttons, images, text fields, I need your help to find it

If you want an animation extension (an up to date one, by a current developer), why not try: