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Hi, does anyone have the 'CallLog and WhatsApp Utils Extension' by Andres Daniel?I can't seem to find it. Thank you!

ScreenTools by Sanders Jochem

com.sanderjochems.ScreenTools.aix (34.0 KB)


Thanks :wink:

Not really lost, but found:

SMB Manager extension by Joerg Hueneberg

On the old AI2 Google Groups community. Joerg posted a version 2 update, but then updated version 2 again later in the topic. The last update is the one that works with Linux/Windows/NAS boxes.

If the extension appears to be working, but is creating empty (zero bytes files) on transfer, then you need:

Correct link to working extension


how to use it???

not helpful. How to use what ?

Screenshot 2023-04-05 211444

You could provide a link to the post, we do not know what this relates to....

Just ran a simple test, seems to crash the app when using companion....


may require compiling?

not working after compile neither in companion

It has a pending Intent in it. so will not work with current androids

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How do you make the rounded edges plus the elevation? Can I have a picture of the code pls


Why have you replied to @sergii1 ?

Which extension are you referring to?

have a bug on font size!
please fix it

What has a bug on font size?

if i change font size 14.0 to any size then showing the error: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void$RMTextView.setTextSize(float)' on a null object reference

Which extension please...

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