All of my projects are missing

Hi everyone,

after some weeks I wanted to tweak some of my projects and saw not a single project of myself in the App inventor. It looks to me like the login created a brand new account.

One thing I realized is my account domain name, due to the automatic google login, change from to, because google changed it some months ago in germany for more convenience.

Could this be the root of the problem?

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Hi @Daniel_Simons

Yes this is most definitely the problem. If you can PM me the old/new email addresses exactly as they appear we should be able to migrate the projects for you.

I have the same problem, please help. Thanks

You then also might want to follow the advice given by @ewpatton earlier


Well, actually you have another problem...

Of course if you login on another server, your projects obviously are not there

Gracias y tienes razón. Pero no puedo ingresar en el link de siempre:, me aparece error.