All my projects are gone

When I log into my account all my projects are gone. I looked under Trash but nothing shows up there either. Tried logging out and back in and using an incognito session, still nothing. Please help!

My account has not changed, Im using my school gmail account since a long time.

From the same computer/location Richard?

I have been working on the project between my school computer and my home computer. The last time I used it was on my home computer, which is what I'm trying to reach it with at the moment.

Very Strange. I have assigned your Topic to MIT's Susan Lane. When she has a moment she will contact you for your access and search the Server for you.

Which Server have you been using? or

i have been using

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Please send me a private message with the Google account address you've been using. I'll take a look to see if the projects are there.

This is almost always because the Google account address changed -- changing the address on an existing account will still confuse App Inventor because it only uses the Google account for authentication and is not directly linked to Google.

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