All my blocks duplicated. How can i roll back to a checkpoint?

All my blocks got duplicated. I don't know how that happened. I logged out and logged in again and no luck. I was hoping it was some sort of loading error but still i see all blocks duplicated and more than 95 errors.

How can i roll back to a checkpoint ?

you can roll back to a checkpoint if you previously created a checkpoint...
you can import your latest backup if you previously made a backup...
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I think you pasted up the blocks from your backpack accidentally. This is because of a faulty context menu. Now you need to remove the duplicate blocks manually. Make frequent backups in the future. If you accidentally paste blocks from your backpack, quickly close the browser.

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Or, if you don't click on anything right away, the blocks that were pasted will still be highlighted, and you can hit backspace and delete them. This is why AI2 should add a versions update, like the versions on google docs.
'@ewpatton Is the checkpoint/save the closest ai2 can get to saving previous versions, and being able to view them?

Did you try the Blocks Editor Undo option?

Thank you all for your responses.

I create a new checkpoint after each minor version and download both aia and apk every morning. I needed to roll back after the duplication on blocks catastrophe and selected the checkpoint menu item thinking it would have an option to retrieve a saved version. I then realized that the saved versions were located at the Main Menu under projects.

Every programmer is as good as his/her last backup.

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