Align the information in a colin listview

hello, I’m using the colin listviewer, on my line I have three pieces of information I would like to align column by column these three pieces of information. I tried with space but the length of some varies. I tried with loops that calculate the length, but I have lags. is there another way to do it?
thank you!

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Here’s one way to do it blocks-only …

There are also Web Viewer/Javascript techniques, but I’ve lost the link.

See the colinTree web page for the custom Listview for how to use.

It is not designed to produce columns in the way you want, but try with ABG’s example above or:

Thank you for your answers .

I saw you have been asking everywhere for a solution, I reworked my html cardview to provide a solution:


cardview3Column.aia (54.0 KB)