AlexaHelloWorld_Starter running in the phone

I have tried AlexaHelloWorld_Starter but I wonder if it is possible to pass the project to an android phone

The Project Alexa Hello World builds an aia.

Use the aia to Build an apk (it might work, I don't know if it will but you can test and let us know what happens). The tutorial really should explain if this is possible. @Selim_Tezel can tell us.

Skills developed for Amazon Alexa can be used on your own Alexa device or the Alexa app running on your Android or iOS device if you deploy it after authenticating to your Amazon account.

Note: If you're logging in to Hour of AI or the Alexa Young Innovators Challenge with a student account, this will not be an option as these two platforms using special anonymous developer accounts not linked to an Amazon account.