Alexa skills builder

I started building a skill with the new Alexa skill builder available on following a tutorial for Alexa calculator (6-10yrs).
There is not specific link to send messages or bugs or questions or whatever then I thought sending the message here could be helpful.
This looks very interesting to build a skill but when I finally "send update" the message on the right "sending code to amazon" runs, runs, currently after half an hour, still there running....
There is no specific button to stop or restart it.
what should I do?
Any idea?

Refresh, then send updates again, restarts the screen .

Got numerous errors. Apparently only english speaking utterances are accepted.

Yes, the assumption with all the Alexa projects is that the spoken language is English.

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Well, it's not exactly that.
In writing it accepts whatever I send, if it's consistent with my text in the program, which is understandable.
When I speak, the Alexa test program understands correctly whatever I say and writes it down correctly, but then does not understand it in the program, even if the written text is consistent with my program, which is weird.
Any plan to extend it to other languages?
Any plan to incorporate this feature as an extension in the standard AppInventor?

Are you using slots in your project? If so, the type of the slot can affect how the information in the slot is normalized via entity resolution before your code is invoked. Usually this works fine but sometimes Alexa gets it wrong. One example that a teacher had brought up on the past was that it was resolving the term "toast" as "French toast" when using the Food type, even though French toast is a specific style of toast and therefore more specific than the concept they were expressing.

We would like to extend it to as many languages as Alexa supports, but this is predicated on further funding from Amazon to make it happen. I think for the next round we are looking to at least add Spanish support but those conversations are ongoing.

This is something we would like to do but at the moment it also incorporates a bunch of code that uses proprietary APIs developed specifically for App Inventor's use that are not public, so any release we would do in this regard to the open source has to be handled very carefully.

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At least I discovered that there is something in the US called "French toast" which is called very differently in France.
I continue digging.

Hello, I am delighted with the appinventor community, if it is true that the Spanish community would love for the skill to be implemented in Spanish as soon as possible, if there are possibilities, the truth is that both my children and many students have been there for more than a year They were excited about being able to program the skill, but they were held back by the problem of Alexa's English input/output pronunciation and only in that sense, since we all program in English in App Inventor but it is true that when interacting it is not the same except in the native language. And it is true that due to this language, as time goes by, interest in skill/alexa/appinventor is being abandoned in favor of AI, which is not a bad thing, but we all know how the trends are. So from Spain I give you strength and I encourage you to continue with the language project and for what concerns us especially in Spanish. Thank you all very much for the effort, it's a great job.