Alexa extension MIT app inventor

please provide me with the extenction alexa skillof mit app inventor

There is no known extension to connect to Alexa.

There is a component made, but it was still experimental. It was shown during the summit of 2019.

There is even an app inventor version that uses it.


if not extension maybe connect it to a Bluetooth component
else do as
@Peter said

if you do some research, I think IFTTT allows you to connect to alexa through a webhook.

You can do something similar to this that @taifun has done but with IFTTT's alexa component.

Good morning, I have been working together with my son with App Inventor (AI) and ESP´s, I also find the option to insert Alexa interesting. I have tried the link the Voice(Alexa.appinventor) blocks seem interesting I think it has potential It seems to me that it has quite a bit of potential to attract children into programming..I have tried to contact Jessica Van Brummelen the programmer, but no luck yet. The problem is that the Skill must be sent to the device Echo through an Amazon login and that option does not seem to work. Is there anyone who has made a Skill in alexa.appinventor?.Thank you very much to the entire community for all the help you continuously support

Hi @Javivi

I think Jessica made this a part of a thesis and it was presented at the App Inventor Summit in 2019. It is not implemented in the online App Inventor (yet) and i don't know if there are any plans. Looking at the server at the blocks are no longer available anymore.

App Inventor and Amazon have a project together at Callisto: Space Innovation Tour

What is Alexa for Astronauts?
Alexa for Astronauts lets students become virtual crew members as Alexa heads to the Moon on NASA's Artemis I and lets them build Alexa skills in a whole new way.
Inspire the next generation of astronauts, computer scientists, and engineers by joining a free and interactive virtual tour, live from Johnson Space Center this spring as NASA's Artemis I takes flight to the Moon. Let students learn how to program their own Alexa skills that could help astronauts solve problems in space and communities at home.

I guess Alexa has an api at, Alexa Development Tools & Skill Management APIs - Alexa Skills Kit Official Site so maybe you could use that to connect or like @Meulencv said, using IFTTT is an option.

Thank you very much for the answer, yes, in the link in the option instead of Screen it would be in Skill and there if we have the Voice option it seems that everything works correctly with the blocks but the problem lies when we want to upload the Skill or test it in the Echo /Alexa,(MIT App Inventor - Login to Amazon) then they ask us to login to Amazon but it gets a login error . Attached link, let's see if there is luck with the development [Alexa for Astronauts], thank you very much

Error login to Amazon

Thanks for your interest in developing for Alexa with App Inventor. We are planning to relaunch the Alexa server with newer features soon. You may want to hold off using it until then.

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Great, thank you very much for the work and the expectations