Alexa App Not Sending Updates

My students are able to build the space fact generator for the Alexa but when the send the updates it just spins endlessly at the building skills and they cannot get to the testing of the app. Very disappointing after all their hard work :frowning:

Is this question in regards to virtual space tour and the new Alexa in Space curriculum?

This is referencing the Alexa Skills Inventor, Into to Voice AI Mission 2: Fact Generator

Someone from MIT's App Inventor team will get back to you here. Unfortunately the moderators do not have access to this program.

@Selim_Tezel @ewpatton Unfortunately community moderators do not have access to this MIT curriculum. :cry:

I will check the performance logs on our end to see if I can tease out what is going on. In the meantime, if it's stuck for more than a minute or so it might be worth refreshing the page and resending updates. Any previously sent portion won't be repeated so it should proceed more quickly.

You should be able to sign up as a "parent" to access the Alexa curriculum materials: MIT App Inventor. The service itself at is available worldwide just like the rest of our offerings.

It was stuck for well over a minute, was refreshed multiple times and never worked.

I have been able to replicate the behavior on our end. We'll work on getting a fix deployed.

Thank you.

The new version is out with bug fixes.

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