Alexa App inventor space Not Sending Updates

alexa not sending updates, gets stuck on building skills

please explain the problem with images (blocks, errors) and details

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Hello LR.

This is currently broken. See what MIT says about the space skills Alexa App Not Sending Updates - #8 by ewpatton

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Please research before answering......

There seem to be two potential failure modes that occur that we are tracking down. The first seems to be a race condition that causes a deadlock when deploying the code for the skill. The second seems to be an increase in compiling times for the intent code. Usually a refresh of the browser window should reset things to try again, but if it happens more than once please attach a screenshot of the the testing window so we can narrow down which issue you are encountering.

We tried to complete both missions of Say Hello Moon and Space Facts
but once the students get to the "send updated" , it get stuck on Building skills, and get a message to try again. we did it multiple times and did not go through. I tried with 3 different classes and same problem

Thanks @LRosales for the update. That particular step can get hung up on the Alexa side. I will reach out to our contacts on the Alexa team regarding this issue.

Is there any fix yet? My students are experiencing the same issue of not being able to send updates. It gets stuck on Building Skill. They've built both programs and were hoping to test today.

We will be deploying a pair of fixes this evening that should hopefully resolve the issues.

The new version is out. It contains two fixes to address potential failure conditions during the skill deployment process.

Yay it worked. Thanks!

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