ALERT timeable and overwritable

I am wanting to have a simple alert (no not notification) that can be timed out and overwriteable.

EXPLANATION: the simple alert given by the Notifier is very nice. Its a small gray thing that sits on the screen about 3 seconds and automatically goes away. I would like to have that but be able to tell it to go away in one second or maybe stick around for 5 seconds.

I also would like to overwrite it with another alert. Example: the user pushes a button quickly and the alert shows numbers 1-5 quickly then 'hangs' the 5 for one second and disappears.

Any ideas / extensions?

Here are some extensions taken from App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps that might help you.

  1. Toast with X Y values Extension by Andres Daniel

  2. Custom Toast (including Picture) Extension by Said Dev (5 USD)

  3. Advanced Android Toast Extension by Zhangzqs

  4. Toast Extension by help_cttricks

  5. OriginalToast Extension by Salman_Dev

  6. My Toast Extension by electrobot_appy (Test extension)

  7. Motion Toast Extension by Sumit1334 to show custom and motion toasts in apps

  8. System Alert Window Extension by Ben (10 USD)

Thank you Gordon but none of them are timeable or overwriteable. Number 8 is filled with complication and doesn't even seem to perform.

The simplest way is to use a HorizontalArrangement as a toast (if you have enough space). See the AIA file attached.

Toast.aia (2.0 KB)

Thanks again but it HAS to be an alert (floating). HAS to be ms timeable or at least able to turn it off with Clock. HAS to be changeable / rewritable (like changing text of a label)

I really need an alert same as the blocks Notice alert but with rewrite and time atributes

Try using the notifier or toast extension with a dynamic blocks extension, you can then create the toast on the fly, use a clock timer to remove the component, or edit the content to re-display it


Thanks TIM .. now to look for "Dynamic Blocks" ... Found it .. and going into testing


Catching onto dynamic objects and successfully created a Notifier. However, when I try to rapidly change its display by "removing" it and refreshing with newly recreated dynamic notifier I fail miserably.

Finally I used these blocks to try to understand and all that happens is the typical notifier that persists onscreen for 3 seconds :thinking:

Nevermind @TIMAI2. Seems what I would like cant be done. Found another way. LESS elegant but it gets the job done