Alert notification

Hi, I need make an allert notification like this:
Can you help pls?

Could you explain more about which part of that you’d like to replicate?

I’m interested about first 20 second of the video

In that case, it sounds like a Player, a Button, a recording of a horn, and a picture of a siren light might be a good place to start. Have you done the HelloPurr tutorial? If so, you could swap a Player for the Sound component and make progress from there.

I’d like to make an app that send this type of alert to all users’ devices ‘till the tap on the display.

When the tap on the display stops the alert notification, i’d Like to show a screen with list of informations

ooh i see, mey be you can get that extension here
because I’ve seen Alert notification like that but the extension is paid

which means, you click a buton and all devices, which have installed the same app will start automatically to play that siren sound?

unfortunately App Inventor apps can't run in the background to start automatically after some event happened without using a third party app like Tasker


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