Alert function - Custom Webview

Hi. I display a webpage in Custom Webview. Everything works well, but when i use alert(), app stops working. I saw alert block, but i don't know how to use it. Please teach me how to use this block.

I presume you are refering to the javascript alert ?

Show your javascript (as text) then we can show you how to generate an alert.

You may need to set a property in customWebView for popups to work (?)

Yes, in JavaScript.
When I do this, app stop working. (Custom Webview)

After a bit of testing, I am not sure why it fails. Works fine with the built-in Webviewer.

Like i said, it is Custom Webview

You will have to use OnJsAlert event and DismissJsAlert method together.

Custom WebView1.OnJsAlert(
Notice: get

I used this, but not worked.

Remember, you will have to dismiss alert too.

It alerts the message, but after that, app crashes

Please get the logs and post here.

I only have mobile device.