Alarm is no longer working after closing and re open it again

Hello everyone I’m back again for another problem. Thanks for the help before.
My project is already working Even i hide the app or swipe down and lock my phone,
It will alarm when time setting reach. The only problem is when I close the app and re-open
it, all the previous setting is there but alarm is no longer working. Any suggestion is appreciated thanks.
minoro_to_esp32_2_copy.aia (788.8 KB)

I see you saving Time Picker Instants formatted as hh:mm:ss a into TinyDB, presumably for the next time you run your app.

I also see you checking Time Picker Instants against Now() in Clock1.Timer

But I don't see where you reload those Time Picker Instants from TinyDB in Screen1.Initialize.

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im not sure if these one you talking about.

Here is the problem:

because you set the TimePicker.Text to TinyDB (and the TimePicker.Instant is reset to Clock.Now after relaunching Screen1):

thank you Anke. i will try that.

i try but now all not working.

Post the aia.

Try this:

thank you Anke, i download your apk but alarm not working. before my problem only when you close the app and open again. but now with your apk both not working.


that .aia is modified according to your suggestion.

The tasks extension has been discontinued
Use the itoo extension instead


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Works fine for me on Android 13.
I adjusted it a little, try this one:

thanks Anke. now i try it. its working but i notice something, i will double check it first. a million thanks to everyone.

i made it. thank you very much Anke.