Alarm control application

I have an App Inventor alarm control application that is working ok using SMS to provide comms between a base station and a roving phone. The base station is a phone that talks to an Arduino with HC-05 by bluetooth.

The base station application stays "awake" when the phone is connected to USB power.

The Arduino monitors a couple of circuits when they change the Arduino sends a message to the base by bluetooth, the base then sends a SMS to the Rover that there has been a breach. The Rover can turn the Alarm on, enter a password and turn the Alarm off, activate a panic alarm, the Rover sends a SMS to the Base and the Base sends that message to the Aruduino by bluetooth. It all works quite nicely thanks to App Inventor.

Communication between the base and the rover is currently by SMS.
I also have the ability to talk to the cloudDB1 or use wifi, but I have some issues and am seeking advice.


Currently I use SMS to talk between the base and the rover but that's clunky, I get a text on the rover, I have to look at the text to see that it has come from the base and then open the app.

If I use wifi I am limited to the wifi distance which is ok in the house but keeping the Rover app live is problematic.

I could use clouddb1 to pass data back and forth but that needs to check consistently that something hasn't changed and again I have to keep the Rover app live.

App Inventor I understand can't create a service.


I think I want a service that can run on the phone and launch the rover application when it receives a SMS notification from the Base or a wifi notification. Is there a simple way to create a service that can launch an App Invertor application?

I want to be able to use WIFI without having to accept the incoming WIFI request. Ideally the app should use wifi when it can and default to SMS when wifi is not available. Is there way to allow WIFI notifications without having to accept the incoming connection?

You can have a look at:




for background (foreground) running of tasks

Not sure what you are talking about with regards to wifi? If there is no wifi, then your phone should then use data (3/4/5 G) instead.

Thanks for the response.

I have modified an app wifiPP2Pexample which gives me wifi comms and will automatically attempt to start connections, on the receiving device the user must choose to accept the connection, I haven't found a way to automate that.