Alarm clock extension

I do not know if it is around here , but I need help regarding the creation of an audible alarm for every day of the week , is there any specific extension ?

Probably one of these:

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The link @TIMAI2 mentioned works. However, according to your requirements, you need a paid extension for the same link.

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ok, but is it worth buying the extension, since I developed this same project in android studio and I'm having incompatibility with android above 7.0, my question is to buy and then have the same problem

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I do not know if it is worth to buy one of the extensions...
but as you are familiar with Java, what about creating the extension you need yourself and then provide it for free to the community including free support?

more information about how to create an extension see the App Inventor Extensions document


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Try using Niotron IDE, at

ok, vou obrigado

Poxa, seria bacana isso, vou ver.