aiStarter not installed properly

Hi. I'm a new user to the MIT app inventor. I was trying to connect with the laptop emulator but I think the installation was not done successfully. It was ok until the last part of the installation which is on visualization/virtualization. Is this because I'm using an AMD processor? I noticed the details specified that the VMX is not supported but it is enabled.

why don't you just use the companion?
or you can compile your app, right?

thank you for your reply.
this project is actually for a school assignment, so I was looking for ways for me to share the walkthrough of the project I created later in class.

Which emulator are you trying to use?

Your laptop requires access to a WIFI connection to use an emulator. Does your school allow personal laptop WIFI access?

I'm trying to use the one for the laptop, which includes installation files etc.

I'm having online classes for this semester, and my lecturer assigned the class to use app inventor to develop a mobile app and present it in our online meeting later.

Which emulator is that?

or are you attempting to run a third party version of AI2 to run completely on your PC without a WIFI connection like AI2 Offline? AI2Offline download |

There is also the option of running your app on your phone, and casting its screen to your laptop using Windows Cast:

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Since you're on AMD, you may want to try installing the "Android Emulator Hypervisor Driver for AMD Processors" from Google and see if it fixes the problem:

The emulator package we publish only bundles the Intel HAXM driver at the moment, so you may need the AMD-specific hypervisor. Please let us know if that solves the problem for you.

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