aiStarter Crashes after 3 seconds running program

Hello, I am helping someone with their AP project that is due soon and neither one of us can run it on the emulator. It loads fine but it crashes back to the Android home screen after a few seconds. It’s a pretty simple program and it worked fine originally, so I’m a bit confused.

Any help at all would be vastly appreciated. AP_3(1).aia (4.9 KB)

You have a problem here:


This throws up the notifier on startup, and keeps repeating (keeps loading a new notifier). This is cuasing your emulator crash.

Collision check is false though, why would the event fire?

Probably this ?


The Game Over sprite isn’t collided with at the initialization point of the ball, so that’s what’s confusing me.

You might have sprites overlapping.

If you restrict your attention to Ball collisions, there is much less to worry about …

when ball1 collided AP_3_ABG.aia (4.9 KB)

This worked for me, aside from a bit of misaligned walls near the end.