AI2offline: Server error: could not upload project. Please try again later!


I am using AI2offline, because its much faster for me, that the online-version.
My problem is, that I am limited in the number of projects. With the next .aia, I
want to upload, I get the error
"Server error: could not upload project. Please try again later!"

Than I have to delete some projects and remove them from trash. BUT for
3 deleted projects, I can import one new. So at some point, I get the error with only a few projects available in AI.

What can I do to erase old projects? Somehow even when they are deleted from trash, some residuals must be there. In which folder are the aia-projects stored, that I could try it by hand?


Hello Alexander

This actually sounds like a limitation of your Broadband - make sure that App Inventor is the King of the Browser (use FireFox), no other 'big' sites like YouTube eating up bandwidth - nobody else eating up bandwidth watching movies etc.

What you can do is back-up your Projects by saving to your hard drive:

Export Project

AI2offline is very good and was last updated in November, but all the Offline versions become out of date when an App Inventor update is released, so beware - if the project is saved in App Inventor, it could get corrupted by an Offline version.


Try this:

  1. Export your current projects and save them on the computer.
  2. Uninstall (remove) AI2Offline.
  3. Install (unzip) it again.
  4. Import the needed projects again.

I have to do this after some time to be able to import / create new projects. I have done it this way since several years.


Thanks for your help. Yes that is, what I am already doing for a while.
But I thought, I could avoid reinstalling :frowning_face:

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Thanks for your help! I always export my projects as an .aia file to my computer
to have a backup. I also have the latest version of AI2offline. Since I want to work
with it in environments, where I do not have internet, I need AI2offline.

I recognise the problem of "running out of projects" already since a long time
(e.g. with AI2Ultimate). Isn't there any possibility to fix it without reinstalling?

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I've been using it since AI2U (started in 2014 and ended in 2018):

I haven't found another way. But it only takes a few seconds. So what's the problem?

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Btw, did you find a solution to this (AI2Starter)?

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The environment generates some sort of key (signing). This does not matter, but if you
upload the aia to the playstore as a new release of your app, google claims an
error. the dominos are falling, and something what seems to be part of seconds causes grey hairs :frowning:

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Using AI2Offline the packageName is changed from:




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I always sign my apps (APKs or AABs) outside of the builder (AI2, Appybuilder, Thunkable, Kodular, ...) for very good reasons.

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Message the developer of AI2offline, the fix for the issue might be a simple edit of a text file.

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Since the problem has existed since AI2U (2014), there shouldn't be an easier solution than reinstalling AI2Offline.

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Well, you never know - has anyone ever reported the issue to the developer?

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on sourceforge is still an open ticket, but I will append something, maybe it will be fixed.

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How is your answer related to this?