AI2 web block editor's property spinner shows weird behavior

So, normally when I want to change the property of the component, I would click on spinner, and click another property, than the spinner will be closed and the property would be selected

The thing is the spinner allows me to choose multiple things, as it doesn’t close even after I click on a property on it.

idk if somebody reported it already so someone is working on it, but i’m just saying… It’s not critical nor urgent anyways

*this issue doesn’t happen with component spinner - slot on left side

Can confirm that behaviour on the text to speech block.

Assigned to MIT

Thank you for this valuable report Jaeshik_Sohn

The odd behaviour is there on all similar Blocks, including WebViewer, TextBox, Label etc

It might be that all drop-down values share the same name, thus disabling Blockly from distinguishing them. I’m not sure, though

I’m wondering if the Designer Component multi-select change
exposed a side effect in the AI2 GUI Class Hierarchy?

Nope. This one was a fat fingering on my part that wasn’t caught during review or testing.

I’ve submitted a fix and it should go out in the next release. In the meantime, you can either use typeblock or drag the correct block from the drawer.

For the adventurous among you, you can also open your dev tools and run the following command after you’re project has loaded (only tested in Chrome):

Blockly.Block.prototype.getTabCatcherElement = Blockly.Blocks['component_set_get'].getTypeName



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This is fixed as of release nb181c, which went out on 2020-12-13. Thanks again for reporting the issue.