Ai2-test Updated for nb181

Hello everyone,

We’re getting close to releasing a new update for MIT App Inventor. has been updated with most of the changes that will be going into this release. The release identifier is nb181 and will include a companion update (test version is 2.55t1u).

Some highlights of this release include:

  • Deleted projects go into a separate Trash area similar to the Windows Recycle Bin or macOS Trash Can. App inventors can restore their projects from the Trash area (or permanently delete them).
  • Autoloading of projects can be disabled using the option under the Settings menu. One can also append ?autoload=false in the URL to disable autoloading in case a large project prevents App Inventor from properly starting.
  • Ability to manipulate the properties of multiple components by shift-clicking them in the designer. The properties panel will only show those in common, and changing a property in this mode will change it for all selected components.
  • Four new sensor components for devices that support them: Barometer, Hygrometer, Light Sensor, and Thermometer.
  • Some default setting changes for new projects: Sizing will be responsive by default and ShowListsAsJson will be true by default

The full change log where you can leave comments is located here:

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
On behalf of the MIT App Inventor team


ai2-test has been updated to address some feedback received in the initial round of testing. This new version includes:

  • Ctrl/Cmd now used for multi-select rather than Shift
  • Fixed an issue with wrong tooltips showing for components
  • FusiontablesControl has been moved to internal so it can no longer be added to new projects (existing projects will be unaffected until Google officially turns off the service)
  • Block PNG exports will now have transparent backgrounds
  • Buildserver will scale icons down and produce round icons for Android versions that support it

ai2-test has been updated again to address further feedback identified, as well as a few things that weren’t quite ready for the last round. We anticipate a release date of 2019-12-18 for this version barring any major issues. This update includes:

  • [Feature] Consolidated pedometer methods by removing resume and pause (use start and stop instead) (Thanks @bartmathijssen)
  • [Feature] Switched to using textareas for some designer properties to allow for more text (Thanks @bartmathijssen)
  • [Feature] Added a PageLoaded event for the WebViewer
  • [Documentation] Updated documentation to a Markdown based system and updated the theme to reflect latest App Inventor website
  • [Documentation] Added documentation for “Any Component” blocks and the drag and drop block PNG functionality
  • [Documentation] Added help shortcuts to some block context menu items
  • [Bug] Fixed an issue where deprecated blocks would continue to appear
  • [Bug] Fixed a typeblock issue that would cause all statements in an if-elseif-else block to be consolidated into a single set of statements
  • [Bug] Removed ability to create useless “any Form” blocks
  • [Bug] Removed “Make Generic” on Screen blocks as only one screen is ever active at a time (Thanks @Conor )
  • [Bug] Fixed bug in tooltip translations
  • [Bug] Allow 0% width or height in the designer (to be consistent in the companion)
  • [Bug] Fixed block text fields staying active when switching views
  • [Bug] Fixed issue with button background colors changing on some versions of Android

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