AI2 interface in dark mode?

Hi all, mainly dur to the (for me) blinding white background, I'm searching for a possible workaround to set the AI2 GUI as a Dark Mode but I haven't found nothing very useful yet. Anyone has tryed to switch AI2 to a night friendly visualization mode? Thanks

Not that I know of.

If using Windows - there is a night light setting that softens the screen colour, if using Linux you can install redshift to do the same thing. Probably something similar for Mac.

However it would be good to have a dark mode....

I tried and rejected browser addons. They are too slow.
My wife's Lenovo desktop PC came with a night screen mode, so check with your video driver vendor.

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I don't know how to implement this mod. Where I have to place these modified css files?

No success for me to change the theme using css files, I'm not familiar with html editing. Is there a workaround to set at least the Blocks' workspace background color? I don't want to stress but may be it's only a matter of set a color instead of the 'workspace grid'.
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