AI2 connect error (may be due to Peronal Image Classifier?)

I'm a highschool student and my team is using App Inventor to do our project. First, I used wrong extension mistakenly, and it was connetced well. But since I inserted Personal Image Classifier, we can't connect AI2. We tried it using S22, and it is our only device that can connect AI2 because my phone is too old(LG), and other teammates's is iphone. So we cant't check the project is going well. We have tried same Wi-fi, but it didn't work too. Personal Image Classifier is important to our project. What do you think about this problem and how can we solve it? (I'm not English native, so I'm afraid if my sentences or words are hard to understand.)

Actually, we are not good at coding, so what we try may be similar to immitate other people's instances. There can be many mistakes and errors in our project.