Ai2 companion in memu simulator dont show image


i use ai2 companion to connect appinventor(offline) to my phone.when i use image component ,ai companion( in my phone )show this image . i install ai2 companion in memu emulator but this memu emulator show error that unable load file image.

above;ai2 companion in my phone

above;ai2 companion in memu emulator
What to do? Do I have to copy all the uploaded files in the project to the emulator?

The emulator is a different device on the network, therefore http://locahost:8888 will not work. You will need to replace localhost with the local IP address of the computer with the local server ( I presume your own computer?), something like:

I'm seeing contradictory symptoms here in how the image file is being accessed.

  • Was the image file uploaded to the Media folder in the AI2 Designer?
  • How is the image file being addressed in the Image component Picture attribute?

hi ,thanks.

the answer first Question: yes
the answer second Question;in designer and image properties i select image uploaded.

hi thanks. ai2 companion in memu emulator work ,only any uploaded file in project in app inventor(oflline) like image uploaded or font uploaded show error.

This sounds like something that should be asked on the appropriate AI2 Offline support board.

hi thanks. in online app inventor ,memu emulator show image.

please (adress of the appropriate AI2 Offline support board?)

Hi thanks. :rose:

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