AI2 canvas equivalent on thunkable?

Dear freinds,

I have comleted my app in AI2 and it works just fine. It gets data from Bluetooth and plots the data on a graph (drawline on canvas).

Now I want to write the same for iOS. As far as I know, AI2 still doesn't export ipa file needed for ios.

So I was considering to write the same blocks on thunkable.

But I can not find "drawline" thing in thunkable. I searched a lot, and found that the same task on thunkable is webviewer.

All of the examples I found were discussing how to draw charts such as pie chart, bar chart etc, but I couldn't find something straight forward like drawline in AI.

Do you know where can I find tutorials or some examples to recieive data from Bluetooth and make a line graph on Thunkable?


Thunkable X Or Classic

Well, I really don't know the difference!
Quite new in that, sorry.
Address starts like this:

ooh, that is thunkable x and thunkable x doesn't support extensions, so you can't import extensions or download aia project.

Maybe this topic can help you :