AI2 apps to source code

Hi App inventor community. I have now been developing apps for a long time on AI2, and im starting to learn coding an app myself. Therefore i wondered if it is possible to retrieve the hard code from an AI2 app to further develop in sourcecode?

Best regards. Tobias.

Develop in sourcecode? Do you mean using Java? Use Android Studio.

Once upon, there was a project to ‘convert’ AI2 aia’s into Java. That no longer works. The tool that helped do the conversion, Java Bridge, is over three years old. This experimental project is inactive. Because it uses ‘old’ code, it will fail (or partly fails) when you attempt to convert an App inventor Project to Java.

There is NO practical way to automatically convert an App Inventor 2 Project to another programming language.

You have to build your entire Project using App Inventor 2 Blocks.

The App Inventor source documentation is an image of all the Blocks . See the developer’s comments regarding the programming language used for App Inventor .
AI Programming Language "This is hard for many users to understand, but the blocks code you seen on your screen is the source code of your language. It describes the syntax tree of your App Inventor program in the same way that traditional text programs describe the syntax trees of their languages. "

How to document an App Inventor project (show the source code) is described here!searchin/mitappinventortest/documensot$20app$20inventor$20project%7Csort:date/mitappinventortest/gcHyjhME5NY/HuWQaLMGAQAJ

The BLOCKS are the source code.

Sorry, you cannot “retrieve the hard code from an AI2 app to further develop in sourcecode?” if you mean develop using Android Studio.

Did that answer your question Tobias?

Thank you very much Steve, ill look in to the links youve sent :smiley:

Hello, a question that is related to the link you shared.

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I want to register an app in my own country, as intellectual property, and one of the requirements they ask me is if I have the source code of the app. Since the app I developed in AI2 has several pages (I think 8), should I put together a document with each of the pages and take screenshots of all the blocks that I have used in each of the pages of my app? Do I have to do that work page by page? Or does AI2 have a function that allows me to make a summary of the entire App, what it is for and what functions it allows to perform? Thank you so much

@Patricio_Tello_Rolda Regarding documenting the following may help.

  • Right click on an empty area on the Blocks screen
  • Select Download Blocks as Image from the popup
  • save to your desktop and all the Blocks on that Screen are saved as an png image.

AI can do part of what you hope.

If you commented your Blocks, from the same popup, select Show all Comments if you used the Comment Blocks. This exposes all your Comments to show.

You may also want to present the image of Blocks by sorting the Blocks by category ( Sort Blocks by Category)

'pages' .. you probably mean Screens in your Project.

Yes, I was talking about screens instead of pages..! Thanks a lot..! I will start to write down a summary of my app..!